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The title says it all! Installer.Wikidot.Com

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Recent chatter

Installer tags!
The tag _installer renders the installer. The tag _-cat removes the "Category" text box from the installer.

Installer integration!
Installer integration! Just tag your page with "_installer" and upload your source file as source.pkg and you are up and running!

Package 12 : pipe at the end
I would recommend that in the include, the pipe symbol be placed at the very end of each line.

New 2.0 Beta Package Installer
This new installer uses a package script file to guide in wizard to installing the package. More Info

New Beta Package Installer
A new beta package installer has been created. Click on the link on the sidebar.

Multilingual website
I am preparing a package based on the … stay tuned.

Added chatter...
I installed the chatter package into this site as a simple forum.

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