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Wikidot Packages

A package is a reusable mini-application that you can add to your Wikidot site.

  • Each package is a set of pages which work together to do some useful work.
  • To install a package you manually copy these pages into your site, making changes if needed.
  • See the package page for instructions on use, and examples.

Most recent

18 - Slim Chatroom - Based on Phil Chett's modification of the chatroom created by James Kanjo.

In action :


Before installing this package, please see this thread in the community forum.

There is a small bug due to a redirect module being used on one of the pages in this package.

(21 Nov 2009 04:20) [+2, ]

17 - James' Chatroom - Chatroom created by James Kanjo. (18 Nov 2009 10:23) [+1, ]

16 - Minimal Editor CSS - You can add this part of CSS code to your custom theme to remove unnecessary / rarely used elements of the page. (31 Aug 2009 12:45) [+0, ]

15 - File Manager -
This package will help you set up a List by Category File Manager featuring

  • a combined listing of normal and hidden pages by category and by creation date
  • quick-edit link icons view-source14x14.png allow directly editing a page without first rendering it
  • page viewing without following any redirect (uses noredirect/true)
  • a page count of displayed pages — normal pages and hidden pages
  • a sort (either either ascending or descending) function: by page name, by edit date, or by creation date
  • a simple method to add categories to the list (28 Aug 2009 16:15) [+5, ]

14 - Debugger - Used to help debug a problem. Asks questions and allows you to select answers.

-- (16 Aug 2009 07:52) [+0, ]

13 - Custom Forum - This is an installable forum based on the forum template site at The forum holds sections, each with threads. It uses wiki pages for sections and threads, and lets users add comments to a thread page. Additionally, it uses a simple tag-based workflow to let users 'close' threads. (15 Aug 2009 10:56) [+1, ]

12 - Image Include - Go to: (02 Aug 2009 20:51) [+3, image include infobox picture]

11 - User profile & badges - This package lets you manage user profiles on your wiki and award them "badges", for example for being top contributors. (27 Jul 2009 07:25) [+1, badge profiles user]

10 - Voting poll - What IS a “Poll”??? (26 Jul 2009 13:41) [+1, poll vote]

9 - Multilingual website - This package helps creating a multilingual website based on wikidot categories, i.e. each language is a category, includes and _templates. (05 Jul 2009 10:49) [+2, handbook multilingual]

8 - Photo Gallery - This package is useful for providing a place for your friends, family, community group, etc. to share photographs. (28 Jun 2009 19:41) [+3, 1col gallery images photo]

7 - Squark's Blog - This package lets you create a fully functional blog with tag cloud, browsing blog posts by date, navigation between next and previous posts, comments, ratings and social bookmarking widget. (22 May 2009 12:06) [+4, 1col blog]

6 - Multilanguage petition - This package provides a multilanguage petition where users can contribute translations that are reviewed before being installed. The template handles around 40 languages. (01 May 2009 13:50) [+1, 2col multilingual]

5 - News & comments - Provides a simple news & discussion section for a website. This is useful for projects that are driven by happening events, and you can tune the amount of news shown on your main page from a few stories to dozens of stories. (29 Apr 2009 08:44) [+1, 2col blog]

4 - Chatter category - Used for short news items of interest to your website visitors. (28 Apr 2009 15:06) [+1, 2col]

3 - Simple issue tracker - Provides a simple issue tracker. Issues are in two states (_open or _closed). This issue tracker is useful for software projects that work collaboratively - anyone can post issues, and anyone can resolve them. Issues can be tagged for navigation. (28 Apr 2009 14:58) [+3, 2col tracker]

2 - Wiki category - Provides a wiki section for a website. The idea is that you can offer users a wiki space within a website where edit rights may be more restricted. (28 Apr 2009 14:49) [+1, 2col]

1 - Legal framework - Provides a legal framework for a collaborative wiki where contributors license their work under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 license. The package provides a Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use that are suitable for user-contributed content. (28 Apr 2009 14:33) [+2, 2col]



(by dr Beathor 03 Mar 2021 09:36, posts: 3)
.edit-help-34 { display: none; } .wd-editor-toolbar-panel { display: none; }...
(by marilerr 05 Oct 2019 18:29, posts: 4)
The article links to the 'polls' website: Perhaps try creating one...
(by leiger 28 Dec 2016 12:52, posts: 3)
How do you start a poll?
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See: ;-(
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